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You are important to us. We strive to help you become better acquainted with your skin and lifestyle to give you healthy, radiant and beautiful skin. We believe in providing exceptional customer service in the treatment room and luxury skincare ranges.


Our certified and licensed skin therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in the luxury spa beauty sector. Personalized services to our guests don't end when they leave us. We know you have high expectations and understand them. It is our commitment to keeping you informed about what is new, sustainable and solution-oriented beauty trends. 


We love hearing your stories, your triumphs and your dreams. We are here to inspire you to look and feel unique and to give you the courage to say, "Why Not?" to whatever it is you want to do because we're saying it too!  

Hubislab Derma Regeneration skincare
Organic Chemical Peel
Ultrasound Facial Therapy
Principal, Licensed Aesthetician, Skin Specialist & Educator

Hello, my name is Sophia.


In 1967, I sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Melbourne, Australia to Vancouver, Canada, and train travelled from the west, through the Rockies and prairies to Toronto. I was wowed by the grandness of Union Station and still am.  I revisit that unforgettable moment of arrival on occasion and am that little person all over again. I'm that little piece of the great Canadian immigrant storybook that makes this country so great! And then, I do this. 

Sophia, is the principal owner, licensed aesthetician and voice of SBG & CO and SBG Beauty.  Skincare specialist and educator whose career began in high-end Yorkville spas.  An expert in advanced skincare facial therapies and skincare products, the primary focus is to meet - welcome the guest.  After a thorough analysis of the skin and lifestyle, a customized treatment plan and homecare script begin for the skin to reach new heights.  

Clean beauty and healthy ingredients, safe for human life and our planet aren't a trend for Sophia.  She carefully selects skincare products with the desired efficacy for skin to look radiant and healthy. The curated facial therapies and our luxury skincare products are age-inclusive.  Sophia emphasizes healthy-happy-intelligent-aging to celebrate your beauty, for you to look and feel wonderful.

Our skincare products originate in the South of France. Phyt's France is a pioneer in luxury organic skincare having celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The first-class Korean line, Hubislab is a skin research and development brand based on Human BioSciences that aims to maintain healthy and beautiful skin throughout human life.  The Post Rays line s one of our favourite ranges as it was formulated to support skin post-laser procedures. (EU certified, Ecocert, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Kosher certified, clean science, and geneticist developed).


The last few years have left us witness to global challenging times.  Bringing people closer to experience connection is more important than ever before as the tech world becomes more automated.  Slow living is here to stay and we're planning for our community to explore deep experiences and savour each moment of life.  We all have a human story to tell, so let's do this together!​

Outside of beauty, Sophia is a mother to two wonderful women, a grandmother to the sweetest girl, and MIL to a very cool guy. Loves pizza. Favourite movie is The Godfather. Loves to meet up with her friends, cooks a feast for her family, and walks daily with her bichon fur babies, Henry and Jolie. Knits baby blankets to Netflix and relax. In the midst of all this, Sophia is pursuing part-time undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. 

Edith Serei
LAM School Body Equipment_edited
Stonebridge Diploma Aroma Stress
Edith Serei Diploma of Advanced Esthetics
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