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Intelligent beauty


* a celebration of your beauty

* looking and feeling wonderful 

* your relationship with your skin expert

* supporting your natural skin beauty

* being healthy and happy in your skin

* intelligently aging and loving your life

SBG & CO is a socially and environmentally conscious skin centre focused on natural beauty and wellness. Our journey extends from the traditional treatment room.


Our Spa-at-Home boxes are luxurious skin treatments curated for our guests to indulge in at home. They do more than that because we teach them to care for their skin to achieve the results they're looking for. 

We're obsessed with our skincare product designations: EU, ECO Cert, Organic, Vegan and yes, even Kosher certified. 

SBG Beauty is a woman-owned business whose motto is to Dream Big & Serve Others. We value integrity, kindness and honesty. We build people up and our daily reminder is to stay the course, be humble and if we do anything, we choose to be kind.


We are committed to our customers to be transparent and provide the best service possible by way of education, workshops, treatments in and out of house and products.  

We dream big and are excited to welcome you to our culture focused on living well, slow living and celebrating you.

You are invited to apply to become a Brand Ambassador of SBG & CO - SBG Beauty. There is an attractive commission rate, and VIP & Bonus Opportunities available. 


Please let us know if interested, and we’ll share details. We’d love to have you on board!

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