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Intelligent Beauty Workshop Series

SBG Beauty knows you are savvy and have high expectations. We are happy to welcome you to our EDU hub. Skincare routines have changed drastically these last few years. At-home treatments have become more common and consumers are looking for facial devices to use at home to achieve results outside of the treatment room.   The devices we have chosen are safe to use in-home with the instruction, and guidance offered in a professional setting.

These electronic implements can have multiple benefits to the skin, such as boosting the efficacy of the products used during the treatment and stimulating the surface skin layers for enhanced health and function. This can help you see near-professional results at home. It's a productive collaboration with your skin therapist to achieve optimal skin goals.

The workshop series focuses on education and working with your skin expert.

How to use the device and what it does.

Movement technique of facial muscles.

The benefits of the treatment and the expectation of results.

The importance of supporting the treatment with skincare. 



How it works. ENROL & PREORDER. Your kit arrives prior to the workshop. Join us online. Hands-on learning. Invite a friend. Let's face forward for happy, healthy skin.

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