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Skin Health



Beautiful skin is about how you look and feel.
It’s the nourishing of body and mind,
which radiates with confidence to the world
around you.

Bend Beauty

Your foundation for healthy skin

What is Skin Climate?

In the same way, a region's climate describes the weather conditions, your skin also has an internal climate that describes underlying conditions that govern skin repair, breakdown, and thus, the aging process. Internal conditions such as age-related chronic inflammation and free radical stress promote accelerated aging and poor skin health. While topicals are an essential component of skincare, the path to skin health and longevity is achieved by addressing Skin Climate from the inside out. 

Optimize your Skin Health

Optimizing your Skin Climate helps to restore more youthful properties of the skin. Along with a balanced diet, exercise and sleep, Bend Beauty products deliver clinically proven ingredients that go deep to address underlying factors of age-related changes to your Skin Climate, unlocking the potential for skin rejuvenation, increased firmness and elasticity, a natural glow and reducing skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn and other environmental stressors that accelerate skin aging. 

We're building beautiful skin and sustainable beauty.

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