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slow living

living better, not faster

intentional living for a more meaningful lifestyle

living a healthier life and developing deeper experiences

travel, it's a mindset and the desire to experience everything as deeply as possible rather

than as much as possible. 


we're just providing the canvas of Greece and its culture for you to tell it. 

come, ελα, παμε, let's go



Come, ελα, this is where we begin. Welcome to Greece's largest northern city with an origin story dating to its foundation in 316/315 B.C.  The Art and Culture, the many faces of the city's architecture from antiquity, early Christian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Jewish routes and so much more will capture your heart to tell at least a thousand stories. 

We promise you will feel the majestic power of Thessaloniki and when you get to the Royal Tombs in Vergina, you realize it is not just an archaeological wonder, but one of the world’s great burial sites. You may not have been told ~ Thessaloniki was named Greece's first 'City of Gastronomy' by UNESCO in November 2021.

We can't tell you anymore, but we'll show you.

Tranquil Escapes

Discover the spectacular beauty of villages, have a universal chat with a local, picnic in fields of lavender, tour and have a tasting at a vineyard. All this, is surrounded by the magnificence of nature in Northern Greece.

Lycabettus Hill Restaurant_edited.jpg
Lycabettus Hill Restaurant overlooking the Acropolis in Athens Greece

AΘENΣ like a local

Athens is the cradle of civilization, the birthplace of democracy and one of the coolest 3400+ year old cities in the world.  The unique neighbourhoods, and the ancient architecture before you are breathtaking. The coffee culture is second to none in the world and the buzz of life and the movement of Athenians captivate to alter life.


After you AΘENΣ like a local, we know you'll be back!

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