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Facial therapies

Entrust your face to the expert hands of your skin therapist. The south of France is yours to discover with Phyt's Organic Skincare - biocosmetics for 50 years. 

Beauty is inseparable from overall health, linking ecology and a natural philosophy. This is how Phyt's became pioneers in the cosmetic industry.  They developed innovative and effective products for you to discover these beautiful certified organic treatments of natural origin specially designed for the face: moisturizing, balancing, nourishing, skin revitalizing and regenerating treatments.


The unique professional treatments are packaged in ampoule form. 

PHYT'S means saying NO to synthetic substances: preservatives, dyes, surfactants, gelling agents or stabilizers present in almost all beauty products.

The only brand to guarantee 100% natural origin, while favouring organic products, PHYT'S requirements are higher than those of the Cosmebio charter in Europe. 

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Our skincare lines are spa-exclusive ranges shipping to Canada only with the exception of Phyt's France.

If you are in the USA,  we will be happy to direct you to a SPA beauty retailer in your area.

  Spa-At-Home Boxes ship to Canada and USA. 

Alex Cosmetics, from Germany, Holistic Skincare

Holistic Skincare
by Alex Cosmetics

We use the power of nature for our care products and combine them with effective high-tech ingredients. We strive for natural beauty, healthy and well-groomed skin and offer you everything your skin desires and needs, from cleansing milk to peelings, BB creams, night and day care, face masks, serums and sun protection. We hope you enjoy browsing, true to our motto: try beauty, you will like it!  ENTER SHOP

Korean skincare is a necessity. It's a lifestyle.

A clean beauty, bioscience medical-grade range which supports all medical aesthetic treatments, and cosmetic surgery.


HUBISLAB is a professional skin research and development brand based on Human BioSciences that aims to maintain healthy and beautiful skin throughout human life. The emphasis is on protection and skin reinforcement with innovative ingredients and moral responsibility to the wellness of humans and our planet. 


HUBISLAB’s products are known in Korea as 'improvement cosmetics' that promote continuous improvement of the skin.  Science and technology help the skin change by delivering the ingredients deep into the dermis layer.

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